Characteristics and needs of long stay patients in high and medium
secure care: implications for service ( C.A.N.L.I.S )

This study is a cross sectional study with a cut-off date of the 1st of April 2013. It consists of four work packages (WPs), which aim to achieve the aims and objectives and address the research questions. All WPs have been developed in close collaboration with service users. Our data will be crucial in informing much needed service development for long-stay forensic-psychiatric patients and will form the basis for future evaluation, including economic, of such services. Using these WPs, the following questions will be answered:

  • What is the length of stay (LoS) profile of the current high (HSS) and medium secure (MSU) forensic-psychiatric population in England? (WP 1)
  • How many long-stay patients are currently resident in high or medium secure care? (WP 1)
  • What are the characteristics care pathways and mental health, psychosocial and service needs of these long-stay patients? (WP 2)
  • Which patient and non-patient factors are associated with long-stay? (WP 2)
  • Are there different categories of long-stay patients with distinct needs and, if so, what are they? (WP 2)
  • What are the experiences of long-stay patients in forensic care? (WP 3)
  • What are the ethical and legal issues associated with long-stay secure forensic services? (WP 4)
  • Which service models could meet the needs of the different long-stay groups, improve resource use and quality of life of this patient group and what are factors potentially impeding their implementation? (WP 4)