Characteristics and needs of long stay patients in high and medium
secure care: implications for service ( C.A.N.L.I.S )

Prof Birgit Völlm
Principal Investigator medicine/ people/birgit.vollm

Emily Talbot
Research Assistant

Rachel Edworthy
Research Assistant medicine/about/ psychiatryandappliedpsychology/ people/rachel.edworthy

Shazmin Majid
Research Assistant groups/forensicmentalhealth/ people/shaz.majid

Research Assistant (Work Package 1)

Dr Vivek Furtado
Lead on Work Package 1 med/staff/vfurtado/

Dr Timothy Weaver
Lead on Work Package 3

Dr Jess Holley
Research Assistant
(Work Package 3)

Prof Ruth Mcdonald
Lead on Work Package 4 research/people/profiles/rmcdonald

Peter Bates
Lead on PPI involvement

Prof Jeremy Coid
Project management group member; sampling and data collection strategy a-z-staff-profiles/jeremy-w-coid

Prof Peter Bartlett  
Project management group member; ethical and legal issues law/people/peter.bartlett

Dr Julie Hall
Project management group member; innovation of service delivery aboutus/board-introduction/ executive-directors/

Prof Connor Duggan
Project management group member; independent sector provider perspective