Characteristics and needs of long stay patients in high and medium
secure care: implications for service ( C.A.N.L.I.S )

JULY 2015: SPSS training day for SURG members

Members of the SURG have voiced that they would like to be more knowledgeable of the statistical analysis programme SPSS. The research team have organized an interactive SPSS learning session to be held in July.

MAY 2015: Long stay in forensic psychiatric care: Carers views

We recently received a favorable ethical opinion from the NRES committee (East Midlands) to conduct a further study to understand the experiences of carers of long stay patients in high/medium secure forensic psychiatric care. This study will add a further perspective to WP4 of the main study. As part of this, we aim to carry out focus groups at one high secure unit and two medium secure units. The topics will include: experiences of the care provided to their care recipients, their own experiences with secure forensic care and the support they have received. A carer who is also a member of our Service User Reference Group (SURG) will facilitate the focus groups.